Battery services

Battery servicing involves all types of rechargeable "water" batteries, esp. Acid & Lithium.

Advantages of battery servicing

  • To ensure battery gets properly charged
  • Battery will consistently give you the guaranteed power backup (to your vehicle or house)
  • Battery will not over/under-charge
  • To ensure that the machine (vehicle engine, UPS, Inverter) it is connected to runs smoothly
  • Safeguards your business against expensive downtimes and losses (material and financial)
  • Ensures that your car reaches the destination at the right time instead of being stranded in the middle of nowhere

Battery servicing is required when you encounter the following problems:

  • If your battery is at least 3 years old (time to buy a new one as the old one will not be performing at the optimum level)
  • Battery is not getting charged (possibly due to loose connection, melted fuses OR burnt rectifiers)
  • The battery is not giving full backup (maybe it is not getting charged OR even getting over-charged, in case of a cheap inverter OR too much power usage OR decrease in the quantity of water/electrolyte)
  • Flashing red light in the connected device, ups or inverter (the battery is weak or completely discharged)
  • You are unable to start your car, engine is cranking slowly and the lights inside are dimming (probably your car battery has low power)
  • Battery looks "swollen" in some areas (this is due to exposure to high heat…time to buy a new battery)
  • After turning the car engine off, a "rotten egg" kind of smell is being emitted inside (this is because of damaged battery cells)



Buy only a branded battery like Amaron, luminous, SF Sonic or Exide!

Never fully discharge or use up your battery when in the backup mode. Repeatedly doing so will lead to reduction in the life of the device.

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